Calibrate Monitor

Please calibrate your Monitor before you view the images. Most people who view this site have their Brightness set too low - and as a result miss out on most of the detail. All Images were created with Adobe Photoshop, with a calibrated Monitor. If you set up your monitor correctly, the images will look the same as on the screen on which they were created.

The first step is to set up the colour depth - which means the number of colours your monitor can display. Look at the rainbow below - is there a smooth transition from colour to colour or is there some shading and dots?? If so you are probably using 256 colours. This must be raised to 65000 or 16 Million colours. Adjust your colour settings to be 65K (16 Bit) or higher(24 Bit).

Also - this site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 or above screen resolution.
Click here to see what you current screen resolution is!

Now for Brightness and Contrast. Its best if you turn the contrast right up - it looks like a circle with half shaded in. Then turn the brightness up until the image below is pitch black and pure white. Compare the black square to the edge of your screen, it should be as black as the black square below.
Now the white block - it should be pure white, with nothing on screen that is lighter.The grey and white blocks should not have any tints of colours in them.

Finally, make sure that you can see all 11 shades of Gray below. If the 0% and the 10% look the same adjust your monitor. Same goes for the 100% and 90%. You should be able to see a difference between them.
  • If you have a monitor that has a colour temperature setting, start with a white point value of 6500K

    Your monitor is now set up - so ......TAKE ME TO THE GALLERIES

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