Pictures from London during 2000 - the naughties have started!

The year started off with a huge fancy dress party at Ranmere St. Everyone was fully dressed up and the whole thing was a massive hit! As time went on  - things got more and more messy. Also some shots from a few bbq's during the summer, The London Eye, and the airport party we went to.

After that in September it was off to Starsky and Hutch for a major 70's evening.

Me,Jacqui, Andy, Goga and Meg
The girls at the party
Alex, me and Nats
Bad bron (britney) , her pimp and pammie Anderson
He-males in the kitchen
Cruella de Ville and porn star.
Goga and Nats, dancing queen
Scary girls
Goga's special 'medicine'
Sunset on the London eye
Scott and his BBQ
BBQ at Scotts house
Fi, Clair and Meg on the way to Starsky and Hutch
Airport theme party
Airsick at the airport party
Getting ready for Starsky and Hutch


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