London 2001 - A year of parties!

This year started off with a bang, with a massive house party at Club Ranmere for Fi's birthday. All in all about 70 people came, and as you can see things got messy.
Then On 1 September it was time for another house party at Ranmere St, basically to Welcome our new flatties John and Rebecca. This time it was a fancy dress and the theme was 'Las Vegas Glitz'. Another great party, and loads of excellent costumes.
Then in early November it was time for the Guy Fawkes party at Battersea Park - a huge firework and sound show.

Meg and I
Bern-eye, Nick and Rob-Roy
Suzi and Charles
Salema,gabs, Meg and I
Smoothie !!
Salema glowing in the dark
Jill, Meg and Katie
Megs Birthday
You want some??
Dave swallowing a bottle
Alex's glitter balls
Caesar backs Persil
Becs Clan
Guy Fawkes
At Battersea Park
to the sounds of Cold Play and Moby
About 20 000 people in all.


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