London 2003

This has been a really good year. Its been the hottest summer that I have had in the UK since arriving 6 years ago - so its been out an about all the time. Highlight were Wimbledon, and Brixton academy - not to mention all the BBQ's and after work drinks. Leaving drinks to goodbye to Rich and Siobhan who are off on world travels etc.. Its just one thing after another...:-)
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Loz, Dan and I at Clapham Common
Kelly and I at Wimbledon 2003 - watching Scud!
Scud v Popp - just before the heavens opened.
Free movies on Clapham common on the big screen
Billy, Rob and friends in Acton
Billy and Coco at Fussbal
Andy and I at R.E.M. concert - Brixton academy - AWESOME!!
R.E.M. on stage - such a great venue to watch them.
R.E.M. LUV tour stage
The Interoute Crew saying goodbye to Siobhan on the Queen mary
Rich is giving Johnno the evils here I think??
Rae, John and Trisha at the eye , after work drinks - again!


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