Australia 2003 - Second trip to Queensland and the Barrier Reef

At long last I could go back to Oz to see Meg. Cairns, the Reef and far Northern Queensland is somewhere I have wanted to explore for ages. We met up in Cairns, and as I was limited to 3 weeks - we had to get a move on! Cairns is a good place to get over Jet lag - and that's about it. So from here we headed straight up to Port Douglas 70km North - very beautiful (A lot like Noosa). Then we took our Hire car to Cape Tribulation, which is a World heritage listed site with beautiful beaches and rainforest, and lots of crocks. It was here where we went deep sea fishing out to the Barrier reef. We also went out snorkeling and diving on the Rum Runner catamaran, and had such a great day out there. Cape Trib also has beautiful deserted unspoilt beaches, and its the best place to see a Cassowary (if you are very lucky) The Cape was probably the highlite of the trip for me.

All too soon it was time to head South - Past Cairns - and down to Airlie beach and the Whitsunday's - see next gallery....As usual, please enter any comments / thoughts in the guestbook < click.








The gorge at Kuranda - You can take a cable car from Cairns up to here.
The beautiful beach at Port Douglas - one of the nicest towns we stayed in.
4 mile beach at Port Douglas -we stayed at the excellent Dougies backpackers.
Cape Tribulation - Named by Captain Cook - near where Endeavour struck the reef
Thornton Beach near Cape Tribulation beach - completely deserted
More beach shots of Cape Trib - with the Cape Headland in the distance
More Cape Trib beaches - this one next to PK's where we stayed
20km offshore - Great Barrier reef - these islands are formed by coral 'sand'
a Shot from the Run Runner - showing coral 'bommies'
Meg and I at 'Cafe on the sea' Thornton beach
Meg has a go at deep sea fishing - using 80lb hand lines, to get the fish off the bottom quickly
My first catch of the day - 3kg Coral Trout (very good to eat)
We hooked this beauty, a spanish mackerel on a line drifing off the back - and did he fight!!
Another lucky one - a coral trout - you get red and brown variants
Our catch for the day - these are excellent eating , and avalable in best restaurants
We also hooked this huge Cod, he was about 65Lbs and 30 years old. He swallowed another hooked fish and got hooked himself. We let him go!
The beautiful mangroves at Cape Tribulation.
The windsewpt headfland at Cape Tribulation. Sometimes saltwater crocks are seen on these beaches.
the beach at Emmagen Creek - with Cape Trib in the background.
This coast was a nightmare for early sailors - the reef is not far off shore here.


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