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These are my pics from my summer holiday to Pamplona(Spain), Portugal, Greece and Turkey  - July  to August. Then the Beerfest in October.

We started off in Pamplona (Pamps), and that's when things got messy. Stayed there for a week - then off on my own down through Spain, and on to Lagos in Portugal. Stayed a week there  - then headed up to Lisbon, then up the South coast of Spain in the van until Barcelona. After that flew to Greece where I went to Athens, Ios , Santorini and Rhodes, and then to Turkey -After that  - it was off to the Octoberfest with Backpackers.


Pamps ¦ Lagos ¦ Greece ¦ Turkey ¦ Octoberfest

spain flag   
Pamplona, Spain

Daniel Son, Me and Chris at the mussel bar. Opening ceremony - central square Flour& egg fight at the opening ceremony much later - after a sangria fight
Me facing the bull in the bull ring (just after running) Daniel, Rob Roy, Mike and Bec at the opening ceremony Some idiot jumping off the mussel bar Fireworks contest every night in Pamps

portugal. flag    
Lagos, Portugal

Me, James and Philip - and the scooter we killed Philip and I, Lagos beach Boat cruise along the Algarve sandstone cliffs of the Algarve
More Cliffs Lagos sandstone cliffs looking West off Portugal Valencia !


greece flag

Hidden little bay in Santorini
The famous view from Santorini
Leaving Rhodes on a Jet cat for Turkey
Arriving in Ios - the mental island
Buzi and I - Santorini
The crew from Hostel Anna
Purple pig in Ios
Acropolis in Athens


turkey. flag

Oludeniz from the air
The Gullet we hired
Overnight at St Nicholas Island
The blue Lagoon, Oludeniz
Coming in to land
Another glider landing on Oludeniz beach.
The Chimaera, eternal flames


germany. flag
Octoberfest, Munich

The Hofbrauhaus tent
Brad, me and Aaron at the rides
Bra confiscation squad!
One of the other tents

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