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A collection of  my Pre London pics - paragliding, parties, friends ect.

These are some of my older pics from the days before I came to the UK - and they make me really homesick every time I see them. We had a big group of friends that all did paragliding together. We used to go to a town in Natal province called Bulwer, A tiny place, small population but big mountain.(600ft for training - 1000ft for serious stuff). We always stayed at our Instructor Hans' house, which was where the party was. At night we would invade the local Mountain Park hotel and Bar, write graffiti on the ceiling, and get thrown out at 2:30am. These pics are from a December Holiday when about 9 of us descended on Bulwer and flew for about 10 days. What a crazy place....
Also here are some pics of the water skiing we all used to do regularly, and finally - some pics from house parties, Camping in Ballito caravan park, and my folks, friends and pets.

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My folks and I, just before coming over to the UK
Gill and an Angry looking Big Al, at the instructors house in Bulwer.
Bulwer, on top of the 600, about to take off
Miles (pretty boy) and I - waiting for some lift before we take off.
Its all good - everywhere you look, its up. This is flying in perfect conditions off the 600
Getting ready to take off the 1000 - really cold conditions
Doing a reverse takeoff on the 1000 with the XTC which I was trying out.
Me test flying the XTC high above Bulwer, not wanting to come down
Roots and Julia
Me, Chris, Miles and Big Al , mid winter
My dogs - Chester and Shadow
Skiing on the Vaal dam - haven't tried that in years
Me slaloming at Harties dam, back in the days when I could still do it
NEVER pass out - else we will put matches in your mouth and light them while you sleep
Camping Holiday in Ballito - got bored, had a mud wrestling match with the next tent


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