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Pictures from our Narrow Boat holiday in Wales Oct. 98.

In October 98, we went on an excellent Narrow Boat holiday with Paul, Linda and Andy. We went from Whitchurch in England to Llangollen in Wales and back. It was freezing but the boat was luxurious and large, and had central heating. We all drank too much but had an excellent time.  It actually wasn't all that hard to drive - the boat only goes 6km/h.

Near Langollen
Mooring on second night
Ancient stone bridge
about to get my head knocked off
Cruising through the forest near Llangollen
Mooring point near the Aqueduct
Old stone bridge
The only danger in narrowboating
Me and Andy
The crossing point of the aquaduct
playing Grass on the boat
LLangogllen - our destination
Andy and I early one morning
The queue for the aqueduct near Llangollen
The Crew playing Weed


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