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Hello and welcome to my website. I had let things slip a little in the past year, but the site has just had loads of work done to it.

This site was created nearly 6 years ago as a way for me to show my friends and family back home what I am up to, and also to photo-document some of the interesting places I have been. I love taking pictures, and even more than that, I love traveling. The last 7 years of my life have been full of travel, and work :-( but on the whole I have managed to see some pretty amazing places. My original plan was to come over to London for just a few months, but once here the travel bug bit, and I stayed and stayed (and I found earning pounds quite a nice experience).

I've been in London over 7 years now, but this place has a habit of making you stay longer and longer. Life is still good in London, and now that I have a British Passport - I plan to stay indefinitely...

As most of you know - I have been working for the Govt doing an Oracle implementation & support for the past few years. I like the work , and being a contractor gives me the chance to work for a few months, then travel:-)

The most recent thing in the galleries is our amazing trip all around South Africa, Safari, Sailing in Turkey, and crazy times in London. The galleries are a 6 year timeline of my travels, there is quite a lot of content now :-).

Another GREAT little feature is my GUESTMAP - You stick a pin into a map of the world and it lets me see where you are visiting from, as well as everyone else. Click the button below.

Please be sure to sign the Guestbook when you visit. Its about the only way for me to see who has been to the site and what you all think. Click here to sign it before you leave - and don't be shy, even if you don't know me, fill it in.

I have also completely redone my E-Postcards section - so you can send a free electronic Post Card to a friend with one of my pics. There are new Horoscopes, news headlines and Today-in-History sections added as well.

Enjoy your visit - All comments welcome and appreciated.


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