My 30th Birthday weekend - huge!

Before you know it - that dreaded day snuck up on me - and come the 5th December, I was turning 30. Now quite a few of my friends and colleagues have recently turned 30 as well - so I don't feel too bad about it. Things had been quite for a while with me out of a job, and then it all started taking off, so Friday night we headed to the new Walkabout in Temple for a huge sort of pre birthday/ workmates /just cos we can drinking session. This was just to get me into the mood for the next night.
Saturday night - my official party, we went to a great restaurant in Notting Hill called the Wine factory. Had a good turnout and a really great time, especially after all that wine. It was a joint party between myself and Sharon - also having her 30th birthday party at the same venue. These pics are some of the best ones from both Friday and Saturday night, surprisingly we didn't actually get that many good pics, most were out of focus or the back of someone's head / feet etc. Thanks so much everyone - I had a great time.
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My former work mates, at the Walkabout -Danni, Peta & Sara
Friday night - warm up at the Walkabout for tomorrow - Peta, Jolene and Christie
Alex working behind the bar in Temple Walkabout. Good for Mates rates
Abi shows us what she learned at Pole Dancing school today. Needs more practice I think
Lawrence and Siobhan burning up the dance floor.
Paul and Jolene obviously before the first bottle was opened.
Despite Loz's best efforts, Bazza was gutted when the Guinnes ran out.
Our wine connoisseur samples another fine vintage
Salema shows Gabs what she thinks of the wine
Johnny makes sure Alex doesn't "freeze to death."
Lawrence keeping the girls honest
Meg and I - still looking very sober.
I'm starting to get a little worried about Dan.
<<It was only temporary - Dan the man and Lozza
The other birthday Girl, Sharon and her mates.
Michelle and Sim back in the old hunting ground.

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