South Africa 2002 - Back to the sun

London was going through a funny phase - everyone was out of work, and there were no contracts to be had - so instead of letting it do my head in, I decided to head over to SA where the pounds would go a long way, and man, they did. I got out there just in time for a huge airshow in Pretoria, which was fun, then met up with all my old mates, and went to the Heritage day concert in JHB. It was all the famous 80's and 90's SA bands, many having a comeback.
Then met up with my brother to go flying in his tiger moth - its brand new - 11 hours on the clock, and in beautiful nick. But unfortunately didn't get to fly as the wind was gusty. All to soon it was time to come home and look for another contract. Please put any comments about this site/page in the guestbook.





An American B1B bomber at Waterkloof airshow - this thing is big and supersonic
Natalie, Chris , roots and Julia in Rosebank
Chris and Roots out for dinner one night
Me, Julia , roots and Al at the Heritage-day concert
Chris and Al at a Thai restaurant
Al, Julia, Julie and Bernard - who was playing in the concert
Bernard (Aka Chairman Mao) opening guitar sequence
Me, Chris and Al in Melville
My brothers Tiger Moth - completely built from scratch.
And from the front - completely original
Wings are covered in tightly stretched silk over wooden spars.
Its extremely light , and was too windy to fly on this day


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