Austria 2002 - Snowboarding in Hopfgarten, Austria

This was the trip I had been looking forward to for ages. After learning to snowboard in Canada in 2001, I decided that it was time to head on over to Austria , to do a Contiki ski trip - and hopefully had a great crowd of people to do it with. Chris and I flew out of London on 19 Jan - avoiding the 22 hour coach trip down to Hopfgarten, and then met up with our 60 or so fellow travelers on the same tour.
We started boarding on the Sunday - when the powder was good - and continued all week in spite of some extremely sore muscles and bruises, but you get that. Contiki organised loads of excursions that some of us did - and they were great. Each night we would all meet in the communal bar and go over the days skiing and boarding stories.
These pics are pretty much in date order, and more will be added soon. As usual, any comments about this page, please enter something in the guestbook.






Our Gasthaus "Schoneck"
Schnapps night - ended up pretty messy
Me boarding in Brixen, the next valley over from us.
About to head down to Brixen
The ancient and long first chairlift
Me, Chris and Charlie relaxing in Brixen
At the top of Zinsberg - one of the highest peaks
Our valley cloued over again
Karaoke night down at the silver bullet
Party on the last night
Dolly Parton in hell??
Our valley covered in Low cloud
More views of our valley
Me, Chris and the gang on the last day, Brixen
"My Mama's my sister!"
A poster for a local band


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