Ireland 2001 - Paddywagon tour around the Emerald Isle.

This was the trip I had been planning for years, Ireland is just around the corner but it has taken me 4 years to get over here - and now I wish I had done it sooner. Just a 50 min flight and I was in the land of Guinness. I stayed with my friend Fi, then jumped on the Infamous "Paddywagon" tour round Ireland, a 6 day trip that took us from Dublin ( started with the Guinness factory) to Galway (party town), then on to the cliffs of Moher (amazing), Killarney, Dingle (haunted), back to Killarney, Bantry bay, and Cork for the final night. Not forgetting kissing the Blarney Stone! Finally , back to Dublin. The Paddywagon is an excellent way to meet other travellers and an ideal way to see the country. I will definitely be returning to do the Northern tour going to Belfast. As some of you are in these pics - feel free to save them and email to friends/rello's, but I'd prefer if you send the web address instead. As usual, any comments about this page, please enter something in the guestbook.

Me, Fi, Sadhbh and friends out in Temple Bar
You gotta love the signs they put up in Eire !
The cliffs of Moher
They took the bus for a spin on this beach - about a mile wide
Statue of Charlie - everyone famous gets one in Eire
Tiny and his Scottish look
First night in Killarney
Getting a few Guinness's into us at Mustang Sally's
Dingle Harbour and fishing boats
The beautiful lakes of Killarney
Lesbians?? Nah - just card suck and blow in Killarney 1 night.
I cant speak for these 2 though - they look like they're enjoying it.
Blarney Castle just outside Cork
Blarney Castle again - before I got the gift of the Gab
No Comment!! - Tiny and Scott getting up to something
'Chopper' comes out of hiding - and was last seen in Cork!!


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