London 2003 - August beach party

This is the only house party we have had this year, but it was a great one. The theme was "Beach party" - seeing it was in August and it had been a really great summer, it seemed like the logical choice. We had good turnout and the whole place was decked out in Beach and Caribbean decorations. Huge fun, everyone wasted, and went till late. More good pics to follow....

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Clare and I at the start of the night - way too sober
Andy and Gill looking very Summery
Amy and I - who's holding who up??
Flattie Stuart and Kate

Kate and Stu's mates

Sam, Me, Gill on tippy toes, Sonia and Rob Roy sorting out Sonia's hat.
Amy, Sam and Lyndsey and co.
The housemates of Club Ranmere, Stu, Sonia and me
Neil looking like its pumpkin time, and same goes for Lindsey.
Great self portrait of Clare and Andy
Gill and Rob Roy - looking very beachy!!!
The Shepherds Bush crew - Rob Roy, Coco, Billy and Amy
Sonia, sister and friends
Rob Roy is missing a drink and he's not happy
Oh get a room -as soon as you've come up for air.
Allo allo-Easy tiger - what's going on here Lyndsey??


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