Our AWESOME trip to the Lakes District Aug 2003

Well, it had been a long long time since I had been away on a biking weekend - about 3 years, and when martin mentioned going to Spain or the North of England - I was dead keen. eventually we decided to head to the lakes District, and Invited mike and Al& Michelle along too. We knew the roads were supposed to be perfect up there and the scenery even better - but we were surprised how beautiful it was. The roads were amazing, twisty and smooth, with some fast bits and really tight walking speed hairpins!! Lots of other bikers up there as well.
We stayed in a really nice BnB in Windermere - one of the biggest towns up there, and did a big loop taking us north to the Scottish Border, west to the coast and back to Windermere. Each night we flopped into bed, asleep in seconds (Helped by a few pints of course!)
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Parked up on a tiny lookout spot north of Windermere
The same Valley - looking North - very tight roads with sheep on them
We stopped by a beautiful lake on the first evening
My CBR600F1 and Martin's GSXR600 behind
This nutter came past doing about 80 on blind corners - but looked pretty good.
Same lake again - full of trout , and bikers.
The beautiful Coniston Water lake - colours are amazing
The most beautiful view of the cliffs above Coniston
Martin makes sure no one rides our bikes except us!
Martin, Mike, Al and Mich taking a break near a great photo opportunity corner.
Martin taking the GSXR through a tight one near Gosforth
Me riding my CBR through the same stretch
Lake Windermere - 12 miles long and absolutely smooth at dusk
Martin and I outside our BnB - really biker friendly up here!
Mich with a great look going

Devils Bridge - 2 pics - a huge biker hangout near the lakes - lots of Chrome and leather!!


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