My new Honda CBR600 FI & Track day at Brands hatch.

I have been riding in the UK for quite a few years now - and had had my 95 CBR 600 for at least 3 years, and it was starting to get a little tired. Well not really - its just that the newer bike looked better and better, so before it got the chance to give me any mechanical headaches, and put an ad in and sold it. That left me without a bike for almost 6 weeks in the height of summer, which was not exactly fun. But finding a new one proved to be extremely difficult. Eventually I found the model I wanted in Kent and headed down there, and picked it up.
Then it was time to take my Christmas present that Meg gave me - a Track day at Brands hatch , driving a TT first - then switching to a single seater formula Audi race car - it was EXCELLENT!!
see video...
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Side view - not quite as comfortable as the old one on long trips
From the back - but then its not designed to be comfortable
Its a shame to see it sitting out there on a sunny day- should be getting THRASHED!
One of these days - as soon as we get some sun.
Riding my bike is Richmond - first sunny day of 2003
Al, Mich and me riding in Richmond park - pity abouit the 30mph limit
Heading down the back straight of brands hatch
parked up after the race - with the TT I drove in the background
All of getting into our cars in the pits
About to pull off from the line - very hard as they have racing clutches.
Mpeg video of bike - make sure it opens in its own window.
Mpeg video of single seater race car on track day at Brands hatch.


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