London 2002 - House party / Leaving party for Becs

This is the first party we have had this year, but better late than never. So decided we need another theme because fancy dress parties are always the best - so this time it was a "Mad hatters party". Just about everyone had a fancy hat - some crazier than others. In the end - the house was packed, the party was in the kitchen (again) and It went on till really late. I think things got really crazy after 2 when the party moved into my room, and became a late night alcohol induced Karaoke session.(See video).There were some shockers - and the camera never lies, so view em and cringe.There were a few bodies the next morning but the house was in good shape ...To those that came - thanks for a great time, and those that missed it - you missed a good one. As usual, please enter all your comments about this page in the guestbook.

Meg and I (Ali Baba)
The 4 housemates who live here
Peta and Siobahn, not too sure whats going on there.
Olive and Lozzie - must be well into the second boottle...
Peta an Hayley (going fishing??)
The Sorting hat has a go at megan
Sim an Michelle
Jo and Ivan
Al and Mich, must have got what he wanted from the sorting hat.
Dave goes for the mexican look
Gandalf, is that you ??
Hmm - an Improvement I think
Yep - Its you Amy!!
Listening hard - Not a Slytherin
AAARGH - Clair hears voices
Olive tries Megs Queen Amidala hat
"Oh Helga - you are lovely"
As I said - the camera never lies!!
Meg and Gabriel in our Red light district
Whos holding who up??
. .
"help me someone!!" - "youre mine"
Oooh - nasty. That damn camera again Peta!!


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