Canada 2001 - 1 month of snowbaording Feb. 2001.

This was the trip I had been waiting for for years - finally getting the chance to go skiing or snowboarding. I had planned to go for the last 2 years but circumstances screwed that one up. My friend Scott moved to Canada in December 2000, and that gave me the excuse I needed to go over there. I stayed with Scott in Fernie, British Columbia for 2 and a half weeks, then went up to Banff and Sunshine for a few days, then Vancouver for a while then back home. Fernie is a great place to learn because there are so many runs, and they are really steep. The first week was pure pain - but worth every minute! You have to try this sometime....

Me above the town of Fernie
Waxing and Ironing my board
Scott and I snowshoeing above town
Snowshoeing in Fernie Valley

Me doing jumps off a kicker we found
Banff National Park - Sunshine resort
Riding Dans snowmobile in Banff
The Rockies at Banff National park
The Rockies at Banff National park
The Crab at Vancouver museum
Vancouver Foreshore (downtown)
Vancouver foreshore again
. .. .. .
Canada Place - Vancouver
Burrard Bridge - Vancouver
Totem at Vancouver Museum


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