Skiathos, Greece, Summer 2002

I was in desperate need of sun - I was aswhite as a sheet and was really starting to look like a Pom, so Meg and I headed off to a Greek Island called Skiathos for a week in the sun. Skiathos is a beautiful island, only populated on the one side , with some of the best beaches.
This is the secong time I have been to Greece as you can see from the rest of the site - but this time it was time to relax and not do the whole clubbing thing, which is like throwing money away.
We had a great little villa, and a scooter to get around. We were so relaxed we hardly took any pics , anyway - here are some of the best ones.

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Koukounaries beach - beautiful if you like being a sardine
Hidden little beach - only get here by scooter
our hidden beach - worth the trek
Koukounaries beach again
Our little villa - cheap and cheerful but clean .
Trying out some of the worlds strongest drinks 75% JD- 25% coke??
The harbour at banana beach
The coast near Skiathos town.
a Turkish Gullet anchored
Skiathos's entire coast has these big boulders along the beach


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