Verbier,Switzerland 2002 - Snowboarding in the Alps

Snowboarding in Austria was great , but last year a whole group of us decided to skiing/Snowboarding in the Alps, and to get a huge chalet for all of us. So in March 2002 , 14 of us headed over to Verbier in Switzerland for a weeks skiing. (Somehow I managed to get another week off work) We went with Skiworld and part of the deal was that we would all stay in 1 huge Chalet, complete with chalet staff, all meals and unlimited wine (excellent) The chalet was really beautiful, clean and in a great location near the slope. Verbier was quite warm, and the snow was not as good as it could have been, but higher up, the snow was excellent. To top it off, we had loads of snow on the last 3 days , and that made conditions excellent. Probably the best boarding I have ever had in my life.
The night life in Verbier is great too, with lots of 'Apre Ski' at the end of each day.
(Our Group name was 'Paula's passion' - consisting of Debbie, Loz, Dan, Me , Meg, Al , Michelle, Steve, Paula, Janelle, Kevin, Chris, Barry and Cherie)
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The beautiful town of Verbier near the French / Swiss border
This is the amazing view from our Chalet balcony
Meg and I getting the worlds most expensive lunch on the mountain
Paula, Debbie, Janelle, Kevin and Steve about to do a red run
The girls out in town with Michelle's crazy beanies
What the locals must only think??
Ex Cheeky Al after I gave him a good snow spraying.
Taking a break at the top of Olympic
Meg on the second last day - perfect conditions
The monster called Mont Fort- 3300m and the mother of all mogul fields on the way down.
The Sun was out most of the time and the views speak for themselves
Powder everywhere on the last few days - as can be seen here just above town
Video - me shooting down a blue run at Olympic in Verbier
Video - me stopping for breath - Mont fort suicide black run
Video - me going down a black Itinery run towards Tortin.


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