Summer 2001 - in Turkey

Meg and I decided to go to Turkey instead of Cuba, and had a fab time out there. We went all over this beautiful country and crammed in so much into just over 2 weeks. The highlights would have to be paragliding off Babadag mountain in Oludeniz, and hiring a Turkish Gulet (yacht) and cruising down the coast to Olympos. I took hundreds of digital pics, and here are a few of the best ones. They are pretty much in date order.

Oludeniz Beach Oludeniz Beach with gliders landing Meg and I on a hired moped Private beach near Oludeniz

The jersey tiger butterfly in butterfly valley

Greek Ghost towm above Oludeniz Megs and I near butterfly valley The ride up the mountain for paragliding launch.
Take off site at 6500 ft Megs and Oz fling above me Meg and another glider in formation Heading out over the bay
Me and Kahn over Oludeniz Blue lagoon - Oludeniz A very pale Meg landing Our turkish Gullet under sail
Another Gullet at St Nicholas Is. Sunken City near Cash Bay across from sunken city Our Crew and fellow travellers on Sempatic A - the best Gullet Evah!
The rock tombs at Myra The blue mosque at Midnight 180 deg, the Aya Sofra And Check out this Video - me doing a spiral dive above oludeniz


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