Australia 2003 - Part 2 - Perth and up North

Part 2 - Down to Augusta, Cape Leewin, Pemberton, and the highlite - Walpole - where the Valley of the Giants is, and finally to Albany. We loved Albany but had to head back up after 1 night as we were running out of time - and had to get up north as well. After that we had to make our way back up the coast to get up north - its such a big country. We stopped at the magnificent pinnacles at Cervantes, then made it as far up as up to Geraldton. From there it was back to Perth, handed back the van :-( and caught up with old friends in Perth. The highlight was a flight over Perth - beautiful. Finally back to Sydney, said my goodbyes and now London. The pics are in date order - more to come.
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Lane poole national park near Perth - camped here for one night - and it was cold!!
The huge pelicans are near Walpole on a huge inlet - waiting for scraps
Same place - these HUGE stingrays are so take they come out for you to stroke them.
Cape leewin - the most SW point of Australia - hundreds of ships wasted here
Beautiful "Green Pool" near Walpole down South - a natural rockl pool
Meg checking out the sunset near up North.
The amazing pinnacles at Cervantes north of Perth - formed over thousands of years
More of the eerie Pinnacles formed by erosion
Gerandton is famous for its wind - its wind and Kite surfer heaven!!
Taking the camper van on the beach near Dongarra - beautiful beaches here.
The beautiful HMAS Sydney memorial site in Geraldton at sunset
The beautiful sunset at Gerandton - about the only good thing in the town
Me driving the Brits campervan near Dongarra - best way to see Oz by far
>Sam, Meg, Me, Christine and LJ - finally got to meet up with them in Perth
Got taken up in this baby while in Perth by Megs rellos -what an amazing way to see Perth <
This is the view from the plane going over Rotto - note the salt lakes.
Angelic looking Scottee and Vanessa at their new house
Meg, me, Paul and Ruth in Perth
The beautiful bridge at night - by far the biggest attraction in the city
Sydney at night - taken from Mossman point


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