Switzerland 2003 - Snowboarding in Verbier Again!!

The Snowboarding bug bit big time last year - and so when my brother Gavin invited me to come to Verbier again in January, I jumped at the chance. We had skied in Verbier a year before - and loved the place. Its high in the Alps - up to 3300m Asl, and the snow is excellent. Verbier is still the most beautiful ski mountain area I have been in, with huge glaciers, deep valleys far below with lush crops and blue-green rivers, and amazing sunsets.
We had a great chalet, and you could ski to the door straight from the piste's. We did some amazing things, like a whole day traverse to the "4 Valees" with a hired guide (lots of T-bars and Button lifts - not exactly fun on a snowboard). Also spent a day tobogganing (out of control) down that back of Savolleres, where Gavin 'over cooked it' and ended up in a catch net, and a knackered knee. These toboggans were probably the most fun thing we did - but a little dangerous. The boarding was great, no powder for me while I was there, but a bit of off piste, and by the end of the week (2 weeks for the others) we were so sad to be leaving...
.. enjoy the pics!
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A rescue Heli taking off down the back of Savolleres. It costs you 104 SFR per minute for a rescue(£45)
Standing at Carrefour, above town, where the paragliders come over low.
There are loads of paragliders on a good day above Verbier, some with Skis on!
The huge Valley that can be seen from "4 Valees"
Brendan, Erika, Debbie, Gavin and Alana riding the fast lift up to Savolleres
The Skiers get ready to head down - at least there was one snowboarder amongst us.
Verbier below - and the huge mountains all around.
The piste's were in great condition, often empty and nice and sunny most of the time.
Me about to set off down Savolleres on a luge, these things are FAST
So fast in fact - couldn't make the turn - ended up stuck in a bush
Wolfie ?? Heading down the slopes
A new metal variety of a mountain goat
The town of Verbier with Attelas behind
Me, Alana and Debbie after completing the 4 Valees 'marathon'
Looking down onto La Chau - a sea of cloud.
The mother of all mogul fields - as big as cars. Mont Fort, didn't try it this year.
View from the top of Mont Fort, where you can see Matterhorn and St Bernard
The town centre with its landmark steeple.
Gav and I on the last day of skiing.
This is the sunset from out balcony in Verbier - nearly as good as home.
Cloudy day at La Chau, wit the sun peeking though
Paragliders take off from here and fly down tothe town of Verbier - but not in cloud
Hard to beleive - but this is actually at night - the moon is so bright
Mont Fort Glacier- Italy in the distance, and the Mattehorn


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