South Africa 2002 - Homecoming and Gamefarm safari.

Its had been quite along time since I had been home - 14 months to be exact. I had such an amazing time out in SA last time with my girlfriend and 2 of her friends, that I couldn't wait to get back down there.
The weather in London was miserable , and having worked all through the winter - I needed to get away. Even better - the exchange rate allowed you to live like a King out there (R17 to £1). So I headed out there and spent a few days catching up with friends, then headed up to our game farm in Hoedspruit. Its a declared nature reserve, and is starting to look really good, now that we have dropped the fences with our neighbour - creating a huge reserve so the animals can move freely. We saw some pretty good game there, but just being out there is most of the fun.
Then a few days back in Sandton catching up with friends again - and all too soon it was back to the UK for me. Enjoy the pics, and a
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Roots and I
Our wood house on the farm, built on stilts to keep it cool.
A kite spider making his home over the pond
A nervous Giraffe drinking at Snare dam
A Wildebeest bull
An old Giraffe bull at Snare dam
A black eagle at Moholoholo rehabilitation centre
Giving a Cape griffin a snack - almost took my arm off (12 KGs)
A herd of Wildebeest drinking at dusk
A semi tame leopard at Moholoholo
This African Civit is semi tame and hangs around the BBQ at night
Best sunset on earth - Bushveld. OK - so I'm a little biased!!


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