My fab. 6 week trip to Turkey and Italy in Aug 2000

I left London on the 25th July, and headed over to Istanbul for the start of my month long trip. I decided to do the whole trip on Fez Bus - a hop-on hop-off bus service that is run by Aussies and goes all the way around Turkey. Every second day we would travel a few hundred km to the next place. We did the full circle anti clockwise - from Istanbul to Gallipoly, Kusudasi, Koyceges, Oludeniz, Olympos, Goreme and back to Istanbul. The highlight  for me was Oludeniz and Goreme - with its strange lunar surface. This was caused millions of years ago by two volcanoes spewing hot ash and rocks into what used to be a lake. Erosion did the rest, and formed these strange Fairy Chimneys.
After that I went off to Italy for 10 days - Rome, Venice with Scott and then Florence.

Turkey ¦ Italy

The Blue Mosque - Istanbul The Aya Sofra The largest Amphitheatre in Turkey, Ephesus Anzac Cove, the beach where the Fierce 10 month battle happened
The ruins of Pergamma Lycean King's Rock tombs at Lake Koyceges Freshwater lake Koyceges early in the morning The great atmosphere at Tango Pension, Koyceges.
Yeah Baby!!
The oldest library in the world, Ephesus
Paragliding from Babadag - above Oludenis (6500 ft)
Paragliding above Oludeniz - and landing on the beach


A gondola just before dusk
My favourite picture, a gondola drifts by at dusk
Another canal, Venice was surprisingly clean
Ponte Veccio, Florence
The statue of David, the most amazing statue I have ever seen! No photos allowed but I couldnt resist.


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